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The Hachinohe port was designated as one of the national principal port in 1951 and as a new industrial city in 1964. The port development was advanced by a large-scale harbor improvement, located material type enterprises such as the paper manufacture industry and nonferrous metal factories in the seaside area, and accomplished rapid development as an industrial port.
Since the first international container line route is established in Tohoku in 1994, having three international and three domestic container routes, the Hachinohe port has been playing an important role in north Tohoku area as international distribution base.
Moreover, by designation as recycling port in 2003, increase in recycling material cargo is expected.
Developing with the Hachinohe port, we offer wide variety of harbor transportation service such as ship agency, customs clearance, warehousing,, and insurance, with fifteen related enterprise companies.
While the diversity of distribution is advanced, we will surely answer customer’s wide range of needs.
Please give further patronage in the future.

Takayuki Sawafuji